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"Connect people with companies and co-create a bright future."
We at Depply are working toward the future.

Jobs that Depply can find for you

Depply helps you find a job that matches your own lifestyle by taking your personality, aptitude and future goals into account.
You can work with peace in mind because our coordinators and sales staff will support you based on a reliable support system that covers everything from the start of the employment to work and your career advancement.

Office work

General administration / accounting work / call center / DTP operator / receptionist, secretary / sales administration / illustrator / Web designer


Product inspection / assortment/goods acceptance and delivery / inventory / picking / packing / distribution processing / forklift


Moving / layout change / event setup and removal / office relocation / delivery assistant / carry-in, carry out

Food manufacturing line support

Cleaning / preparation / processing / cooking / food presentation / packagin / shipping preparation

Factory support

Processing / assembly / printing / software development / research and development / telecommunications equipment / manufacturing line contract work

Sales support

Consultative selling / floor staff / event staff / subscription promotion / cashie r/ kitchen staff / sampling / other sales staff

Depply Inc. supports your life in Japan.

Provision of accommodation facilities

We provide you with a furnished dormitory, for single persons as well as for families.

Pickup and drop-off service

We pick you up at your residence and take you to your workplace as needed.

Public services

Our specialized staff helps you with procedures required in Japan, e.g. immigration services bureau, city hall and police.

Regional services

Our specialized staff shows you nearby supermarkets and pharmacies and accompany you to hospital, supporting your life in Japan.

Other support

No Japanese language requirement

We will find a job suitable for your aptitude and Japanese level even if you do not speak Japanese.

Same salary as Japanese workers

We do not discriminate among workers based on their nationality. We will pay you a fair salary equivalent to that earned by Japanese workers.

Expert staff speaking your langauge

Our company has expert staff members who speak Portuguese, English and Tagalog who can support you in your mother tongue.

The peace of mind of social insurance and paid-holiday programs

Depending on the employment conditions, you can join the social insurance program. Once you have worked for six months, you will be given paid holidays, depending on your work style.

Company Information

Company name Depply Inc.
Head office location Assist HD Building 2F, 4-11-1 Miyakodori, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8309 Japan
TEL: 058-215-5151
FAX: 058-215-5152
Established: January 30, 2007
Capital 40 million yen
Representative Kazunori Iwakoshi
Description of business License No. for Worker Dispatching Undertakings: Ha 21-300139
License No. for Fee-Charging Employment Placement: 21-Yu-300072
Career advice
Number of Employees 40 employees
Number of workers registered 5,600 workers
Affiliates Assist Engineer Co., Ltd.
Acty Co., Ltd.
Main banks MUFG Bank, Ltd.
The Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank, Ltd.


Depply Inc. Head Office

Assist HD Building 2F, 4-11-1 Miyakodori, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8309 Japan
TEL: 058-215-5151
FAX: 058-215-5152

Komaki Central Sales Office

Komaki Gas Building 5F, 1-267 Chuo, Komaki-shi, Aichi, 485-0029 Japan
TEL: 0568-74-6300
FAX: 0568-74-6301
Toll free number: 0120-257-977

Gifu Sales Office

Shibashin Building 1F, 6-5 Yoshinomachi, Gifu-shi, Gifu, 500-8844 Japan
TEL: 058-267-4500
FAX: 058-267-5911
Toll free number: 0120-492-231

Komaki Office

Inside Komaki Branch of Seino Transportation Co., Ltd., 1-92 Shinkoki, Komaki-shi, Aichi, 485-0074 Japan
TEL: 0568-71-5611
FAX: 0568-71-5611
Toll free number: 0120-257-977